What do we do?

Application of heat by electrical resistances in a controlled way. The procedure is carried out prior to the joining, reconstruction or coating activities by a welding process.

Tratamientos termicos en Asturias post soldadura PWHT

Treatment used to reduce stresses and recover the original microstructure of the areas affected by heat after the welding process.

Heating for tanks, vessels or piping

Application of heat to solve possible obstructions created by solidification of the fluid in tanks, valves, pipes or other elements.

Pipe cutting and beveling, flange facing services, etc.

Bolt tightening services using hydaulic wrenches and tensioners, as well as flange spreaders, multipliers, cylinders, nut cutters, etc.

Consulting Services

If the client so requires, we can advise and study their case to apply the appropriate service based on the specifications and applicable regulations.

Rental equipment of on-site services: heat treatment, machining, controlled bolt tightening and other equipment.

(portable clamshell lathes, beveling machines, flange facing machines, hydraulic wrenches, tensioners, cylinders, flange spreaders, etc.)