Who we are?

We are a company focused specially in three áreas of work:

  • On site heat treatment of piping appling electrical resistances
  • On site machining using portable machines (cuting, beveling, facing…)
  • Bolting, appliying torque machines or tensioners

We are used to do things like for example piping heat treatments (PWHT and preheating), flange bolts torque or tensión, opening and closing of heat exchangers, piping cutting and beveling, , fange facing machining, piping assembly…

To do the works, we have machines and operators, with experience in power pants, refineries, boiler and boilermakers, petrochemical and all industry in general.

Moreover, we can offer you rental fleet and sales for bolting machines, extractors and expanders for heat exchangers, heat treatment machines, cutting/beveling facing machines…


Become your trusted supplier for on-site services.



Raise customer quality standard through our continuous improvement.



✓ Professionalism

✓ Quality

✓ Safety

✓ Trust


Our main commitment is to achieve customer satisfaction by ensuring the highest standards of quality, and complying with all safety rules.

All our equipment is checked and certified.

Our personnel on field are experts professionals and have extensive experience in the sector. Our office staff has worked in different projects and departments that allow us to assess the customer if necessary, to offer the best service.

ISO 9001


ISO 9001:2015

Our Equipment

Portable heat treatment machines 6 channels and 70 kVA

Portable heat treatment machines 3 channels and 9 kVA

Hybrid recorders and thermocouple attachment unit

All kinds of resistances, cables, soluble fiber blanket and consumables.

Machining equipment: portable clamshell lathes, beveling, flange facing, etc. Contact us.

Bolting equipment: hydraulic torque wrenches, tensioners, etc. Contact us.