Beveling machines

When we have to weld one pipe to another pipe or to one accessory (elbow, tee…), we need to make one bevel which helps to deposit the filler material, so it is the place where we will to deposit the filler material, such a rod,wire, ectrode… The shape, angle and dimensions of the bevel, should be specified in the welding procedure specification (WPS).
When we cut the pipe in the band saw or with the grinder, the cut in the tube will be straight, perpendicular to the axe of the tube. As we mentioned, in this case it will be necessary to make one bevel in the pipe to boost the deposit of filler material.
To performance the bevel, could be used different methods. One of them is to performance the bevel with the grinder. The operator will make the bevel by grinding the disc over the pipe. This method does not ensure the uniformity of the bevel, the bevel could have not a straight shape, but a little bit curve. Depending of the amount of bevels and the diameter of piping, it will mean a cost in disc grinders.
Other method is to make the bevel by using one beveling machine. The beveling machine with interior fixation, smooth the pipe with a lathe blade. The beveling machine is fixed to the interior of the pipe with its three supports of fixation. This tree supports helps to center the machine too. With the lathe carriage, the lathe blade will be approximated to the tube. Then one hydraulic or pneumatic motor, will start the radial movement, and moving the lathe carriage, the lathe blade will performance the bevel. This method allows to get a more uniform bevel than the grinder. Moreover, reduce the times and the cost of grinder discs.
We also have split frame clamsheets (or split frame lathe or cutter). This machine is fixed to the exterior of the tube. One hydraulic or pneumatic motor moves the lathe blade in the radial sense. It has one advance mechanism too, which allows to performance the bevel.

This split frame lathe is able to performance not only the bevel, but the cut of piping. It means that we can fixed it to one straight pipe and performance at the same time the cut and the bevel of the pipe, reducing considerably the times of work, with a good and uniform finish of the bevel.

Flange and valve machining:

The flanges have dimensions and strips established by international standards. Sometimes, this strips can present damages by impacts or by the use or spend of time. In this case we can get a new strip by using the facing machine or flange machine. Even it is possible is possible to add new material by welding and machining after weld, giving a new uniform strip to the flange.
We have facing machines which are able to repair the flanges assembly or disassembly. With the flange facing machine, we avoid the necessity of buy a new flange, avoiding to have to wait for new materials. If the flange is assembled, we can repair it without disassembly, avoiding to have a new weld with a new quality dossier, NDT´s, pressure test…
We have another machining machines as for example machines for thread piping which are able to performance NPT or gas thread in piping with diameter between ¼” and 2”.
We have to bending machines for piping with diameters from ½” to 2”.
We can performance machining works in the installation of the client or others. It is possible to performance the works with our machines and our staff and it is possible too to hire the machines.