We have hydraulic bolting machines for the tightening of bolts and screw bolts by tensioning method and by torque method.
Tightening by torque:
This method consists in apply one torque to the nut, screw to the bolt. The torque is the pair of forces necessary to cause the turn movement of the nut following the thread of the bolt. It is expressed in units of force per distance, as for example Nm or Lbf-ft.
When applying the torque to the nut, the face of the nut base on the surface of the flange or equipment, and by the applied force to the nut, the bolt stretches, generating one tension or load, getting the fastening.
The value of the torque will be different depending on characteristics as for example bolt diameter, material, lube, cleaning, oxidation. It is important to know the value of the torque from the manufacturer of the equipment or bolts to get the right torque and fastening.
Once determined the torque, it could by apply by the use of manual torque wrenches, where the operator has to make the tightening using his manual force, or by using hydraulic torque machines with controlled tightening of the bolts.
The hydraulic bolting machines of torque, allow to apply high loads to the bolts without human effort. The machine has one hydraulic pump which applies a pressure to one fluid. The fluid is sent by hydraulic hoses to the head of the machine and ratchet, which applies a torque causing the movement of the nut, and tightening the bolt.
We have available torque multipliers too. This machine seems in shape to one drill, allow to apply big torques by using electrical or pneumatic motor.
In all the cases, the hydraulic torque machines or the torque multipliers, allows not only the tightening, but to remove nuts, as for example opening of turbines, heat exchangers, etc.
Bolt tightening:
This method consists in apply directly to the bolt one tension which stretches the bolt. When the bolt is stretched, the nut can be easily rotated by hand with the help of one rod to the position of tightened. When the tension is removed from the bolt, the bolt get tightened.
To performance one tightening by bolting machines, we need one equipment which consists in hydraulic pump, flexible hoses and tensioner cylinders.
The nut is screwed until the face of the nut meets the face of the flange or the surface of the equipment. After that, the tensioner cylinder is screw to the head of the bolt. The hydraulic pump generates a pressure in the fluid which is sent by hoses to the tensioner cylinder or puller. The tensioner cylinder pulls the bolt and this stretches. Then, with the help of a rod, introducing it in a hole in the tensioner, we will move and rotate the nut. When the nut is rotated, we will release the load of the bolt. When the bolt tries to recover the original position cause the tightening over the nut.
With the tensioning machine we can performance not only de bolting, but the removing of bolts and nuts too, allowing works as for example opening of turbines, opening of heat exchangers, etc.
We can performance bolting works in the installations of the client or others. It is possible to performance the works with our machines and our staff and it is possible too to hire the machines.
Moreover, we have another hydraulica machines as for example:

  • Lifting cylinders
  • Hydraulic pumps
  • Flange separators
  • Flange alignment tools
  • Nut-brakers