Sometimes, through some of the pipes of certain facilities or factories, plugs can occur that leave the line unusable or blocked, with the consequent economic, operational and safety problems.

This is the case, for example, of pipes or conduits through which asphalt fluids flow at a certain temperature. Sometimes it may be necessary to heat the line to re-facilitate flow and unblock the line.

These problems can affect not only pipes, but also tanks or other types of vessels. By heating with electric resistances, we can help to unblock this type of blockage or solidification.

We have 70 KVA and 6-channel machines and 9 KVA and 3-channel heat treatment machines in situ using electric machines with resistances, being able to move both to your facilities and to third-party facilities where necessary.

All our services can be the realization of the complete service using our preheating equipment and our staff or only renting the material or only the staff.